Uni-ram is a World Leader in the manufacturing of Spray Gun Cleaners, Parts Washers and Solvent Recyclers.
Companies use hazardous solvents to clean a variety of industrial parts and equipment including blankets used in the printing industry and spray guns used in auto body shops and specialized manufacturing. The type of solvents used include acetone, paint thinners, varsol, mineral spirits, toluene and printers' solvents. These solvents are nesessary because of their superior cleaning capability.
Uni-ram equipment is used to minimize the generation of hazardous solvent waste. Spray gun cleaners and parts washers reuse solvent until dirty. Solvent recyclers recycle dirty solvent on-site. Demand for Uni-ram's environmentally friendly products grows worldwide as users and regulatory bodies seek ways of minimizing the generation of hazardous waste.

Uni-ram with its Head Office and main factory in Markham, Ontario, Canada has operations in Buffalo, New York; Chiba, Japan and Foshan, China.

Uni-ram holds many patents on the designs used in its innovative products.

Uni-ram invented the automatic spray gun cleaner in 1988. Shipments of spray gun cleaners to Collision Repair Shops in 30 countries exceed 40,000 units. Over 10,000 companies have purchased Uni-ram solvent recyclers to reclaim used solvent, minimizing the generation of hazardous solvent waste.

Uni-ram distributors include Sata of Germany, Anest-Iwata of Japan, Normandie Filtres of France, EMM International of Holland, Aerometal of Spain, Rand Equipment of England and AIT Links of Australia. End users include General Motors, Canon and Boeing, as well as many other industrial customers. Dealerships for all car manufacturers and the US government, under stocking number NSN 4940-21-921-1555, use Uni-ram Spray Gun Cleaners.

Uni-ram solvent recyclers are certified to international safety standards: UL Standard No. 2208, CSA Standard 22.2, No. 30 and N0. 88 and CE standards. Uni-ram Solvent Recyclers are approved for use with solvents in non-hazardous and hazardous locations Class 1, Division 1 Group D and Class 1 Division 2 Group D.

Uni-ram attends major trade shows around the world including NACE in the United States, Automechanika in Germany, Clean Tech in Japan and the United States and the AIA show in Canada.

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