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Portable Pumping Station for Liquid Transfer
Air Operated Pumping Stations transfer liquid from one container to another
Ideal for dispensing liquid from an economical 55 gal drum to smaller, portable containers and consolidating liquid from several containers to one large drum. Liquid transfers leak free up to 3.0 US gal per minute.
Easy to use
Portable - carry the small light weight Pumping Station from job to job
Wall or table mounting
Control solvent flow from the valve on the main unit or valve at the end of the discharge hose or use timer to automatically start and stop flow; timer  ranges from 0-2 minutes
Economical solution for dispensing liquid from a large drum to portable containers
Works like the UPS20DA and includes a built in Pressure Regulator and Gauge

Diaphragm Pump
Air Consumption: 2 CFM (58 litres per minute)
Output: 3 US Gal (12 litres) per minute at 85 PSI (5.8 kg/cm2)
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