Manual Spray Gun Cleaner - Automotive - Water Borne Paints
Automatic, top loading unit, cleans 2 guns at a time.

Uses high pressure water to clean both the paint channel and exterior of the guns in less than 30 seconds, followed by push button clean rinse and partial air drying which is then followed by final manual drying with an Air Blw Gun.

Includes a flow-through brush for manual cleaning of gun exterior

Top loading, cleans 2 guns at a time

Uses Uni-ram's AQUA-KLEEN PGC for enhanced cleaning power
Ideal for cleaning PPS and other disposable cup adapters as well as conventional cup systems
"Machine" cleaning is faster and more consistent with less exposure to paint residue compared to manual cleaning.
Patent No. 4,785,836 in USA. Many Patents in place in other countries
Diaphragm Pump
Air Consumption: 2 CFM (58 litres per minute)
Output: 3 US Gal (12 litres) per minute at 85 PSI (5.8 kg/cm2)

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