Manual Spray Gun Cleaner - Automotive - Water Borne Paints
Equipped with cleaning tools to effectively clean paint from the spray gun.

Wash gun delivers high pressure water to clean the paint channel.

Flow-through brush removes paint from the outside of the gun.

Air gun dries the spray gun and a spray out verifies a clean paint channel.

The "GREEN" Water Recovery System features filtering after trea tment with Uni-ram's flocculating agent, COAG-KLEEN FP. Recovered clean water may be disposed of or reused, minimizing water consumption.
Patent No. 4,785,836 in USA. Many Patents in place in other countries
Diaphragm Pump
Air Consumption: 2 CFM (58 litres per minute)
Output: 3 US Gal (12 litres) per minute at 85 PSI (5.8 kg/cm2)

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