Manual Spray Gun Cleaner - Automotive - Water Borne Paints
Compact wall mount unit designed for quick color changes with an optional stand for free standing installation

Uses high pressure water to clean the paint channel in less than 30 seconds - at the press of a button.

Flow-through brush removes paint from the outside of the gun.

Air Blow Gun dries the spray gun and a spray out verifies a clean paint channel.

Also includes Cap Brush and whip line
Ideal for cleaning PPS and other disposable cup adapters
Locating the unit inside the spray booth saves time; the gun can remain connected to the air supply and the painter can remain in the booth; the paint channel is flushed while the paint is still wet.
Patent No. 4,785,836 in USA. Many Patents in place in other countries
Diaphragm Pump
Air Consumption: 2 CFM (58 litres per minute)
Output: 3 US Gal (12 litres) per minute at 85 PSI (5.8 kg/cm2)

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